This project's goal is to design an interesting Android application which will test the culmination of my Software Development abilities while also challenging myself by using new tools & technologies. This application will allow users, even if untrained in horticulture, to properly care for their plant collections & access useful resources.

The application will allow users to catalogue their plant collection, receive reminders for caretaking, while also being able to identify plant infections & diseases or to identify the plant's species. There is additional hardware available for tracking soil health. During the application's creation, a model-maker called TensorFlow Lite was used to create a model of reference photos of various plant species & various plant infections & diseases.

A photo of the user's plant is uploaded to the device & is compared to the reference images in the model. The user has the choice between identifying the species or ailment, the application then shows the percentage probability of a match & what the species or ailment may be. The application also allows the user to add their plant collection, showing the relevant caretaking information for the plant types. The calendar feature allows users to track when their plant's need to water or soil needs changing, aided by helpful push notifications.

The available hardware, built by myself, is a low-cost addition for users to help track soil health through physical monitoring to better care for their plants. This application empowers users with the necessary tools & resources needed to properly care for their plants at home, all in one convenient application.