This project aims to provide a statistical analysis of medical records from patients who suffered a heart failure.  The first part of the study uses statistical techniques to identify the features of significance in the mortality prediction, and a survival analysis completes the findings.  The finality of this project is to build a model that predicts the outcome of a heart failure as well as the expected survival time of a patient.

Hospitals have been moving towards the adoption of digitalised systems, and the management of patients’ data through Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a major opportunity to explore high-quality medical datasets.  This research is also an attempt to demonstrate how Data Analytics can shed some light on any type of information, regardless of the domain complexity, as long as the techniques are thoroughly applied and the interpretations cautiously approached.

The opportunities presented by the increased availability of anonymized Electronic Health Records will only grow overtime and exploring them could lead to discoveries that would eventually contribute to saving lives.