MyLyfe is an application that addresses the mental health needs of students.  I strongly believe as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic students mental health has been affected greatly. 

Due to the introduction of online learning and the immense pressure that has been placed on students to self-learn and not have the opportunity to live their so called “best years” in college, rather students have been locked in their room for half of their college degrees.   As a result of the pandemic deferral numbers of college courses across the country sky rocketed. Major Universities such as Trinity College and UCD put restrictions in place to reduce the number of students allowed to defer the academic year.

With the staggering numbers and lack of support for students mental health I feel the opportunity for an application to help them through these troubling times would be greatly received and needed. My intention is not to develop an application that allows students to self-diagnose mental health issues to themselves as they already have enough on their plate to deal with, I am aiming to simply create a safe and enjoyable environment that make’s a student’s life as easy and stress free as possible.