In recent years Ireland has found success in sporting events such as rowing , boxing, rugby, etc. and the concept of the project is to analyse the distribution of sports capital and conduct a comparison between the level of investment versus the return. Ireland has seen accolades in both individual and team sports.

As of 2012 Ireland has received a total of 24 Olympic medals, multiple European championships in boxing, open championships in golf and six nations victories in 2013, 2014 and 2018. Based on the 2016 Irish Census, the population of Ireland is now at 4.9m with an increase in family’s equating to a growth of 3.3%.

This project investigates if the growth of the population correlates with the level of investment of sports capital. The analysis gains insight into whether sports with a lower investment rate is outperforming sports with a higher investment rate on a global stage.

In the analysis, tools such as R, R-Studio, Python, Tableau, Excel, and SPSS are used to visualise and produce statistics on the datasets. Data was obtained from and

Level of participation of the sport is something that must be considered when conducting the analysis of the sport and calculating the level of success. The project will attempt to uncover if success in a field is being rewarded and if investment is increased to maintain this success. A comparison will be made on Ireland's sporting success versus the United Kingdom's by levels of investment.