Conducting an Analytical Investigation into "US Police Shootings" so to recognise any anomalies or abnormalities within the Data set. Analysing data that currently resides in an Excel data sheet in order to identify the nature of the shootings, to see what the circumstances of the incidents were and to try and provide a useful analysis that will help prevent future shootings.

This report gives a level of clarity and detail to the data of the shootings that previously would have been lost in-between the lines of an Excel sheet. The "Target Audience" of this investigation is anyone who deems it interesting but it will serve a greater purpose for the residents of the US and also the police departments of the country.

Factors considered in this project include; how different Races of people are affected by police shootings, how children have been caught up in police shootings and whether metal health issues or age/gender had an adverse reason for why the shooting may have occurred. I also go into detail on how weapons, fleeing and location may have been contributing factors to the shooting.

In terms of technical detail, I used several technologies and statistical methods to get as much out of the raw data as possible. By using a number of technologies and techniques I could leverage each ones best tools so to achieve the best results.