Checkm8 is a web application that was created to address the ever declining state of mental health in the modern society. Website members are provided with a hub for managing and maintaining their emotional and psychological wellbeing on a day to day basis.

The main feature is the digital journal where users are supplied with templates and suggestions on how to log their emotions and experience as they occur. By taking a heuristic approach, the aim is to provide every user with the tools to take ownership of their own mental health and begin to understand the feelings they experience and the triggers that cause them.

The application has the ability to analyse common words or themes that occur in users check-ins, when permitted. This functionality give user valuable insights into repetitive cycles or patterns that they can then address.

Security is a fundamental requirement for Checkm8 and to ensure user confidentially and to comply with GDPR legislation, all of the details of the digital check-ins are encrypted on creation and stored securely in MongoDB. The user interface was developed and designed using React and JavaScript. The React framework allowed me to leverage modern client side component features and performance enhancements that are not capable with most front end technologies.

The result is a fast loading, sleek looking website that is suitably designed for its purpose. This is important, as a comforting and conducive environment is crucial for users to maximize the value of their check-in entries.