An application to help people learn how to play the guitar. The target audience for this project is someone who wants to learn guitar and wants to practice their chords and hand positioning for playing guitar.

This problem(learning guitar on your own) became apparent to me when I started trying to learn it myself during lockdown. Learning guitar chords is difficult for beginners and a lot of the videos/apps that are there provide only a visual reference with no feedback.

The project takes this problem and combines it with a hardware and software solution to help teach someone chords so they can practice more efficiently.

The application is built using Python and buttons are attached to the guitar using Raspberry Pi and GrovePi. The user can select a chord that they wish to practise from a drop-down menu on the application screen.

The correct positions on the fret board for that chord are displayed on the screen. The User plays the chord and will get feedback on the screen if they are doing it correctly.