Commercial Brands have partnered with musical artists to market their product for many years. I want to create a tool to make it easier for marketing departments to find good artists to help promote their product/brand. Many commercial brands in the past would have found rap artists not brand friendly and attempted to distance themselves from them.

Now many brands are using rap artists to partner up with and market their product in a modern/trendy fashion. For example "Gucci Mane", who claims he received over 100 cease and desist letters in the early stage of his career (2006-2011) from the famed fashion designed Gucci, later went on to become the face of Gucci’s 2020 "Cruise Collection". This project will analyse the lyrics from three different music genres, (hip hop, popular and country and western) to identify commercial brands within the lyrics.

This project connected to the Genius API using Python and extracted data on lyrics, dates, gender and geo location of artist. Data is cleaned and prepared in Alteryx and analysis performed using R. The data is visualized on a map of the USA and Canada using Tableau.

My Project allows users to see which brands are mentioned the most in lyrics. Users can see different genres and the breakdown of brands mentioned, their frequency of mentions. I also explore the correlation between the frequency of brand mentions in certain areas compared to the Google trends data for the same area.

My project also contains three songs in different genres: Rap, Country & Pop, created by a Machine Learning script, which is performed by a text-to-speech tool over a royalty free backing track. I have done this to show what a computer automated set of lyrics sounds like and how the future of AI music composure could look like.