Community Aid is a community based mobile application allowing aid seekers to ask for assistance when needed and allowing volunteers to help aid seekers in a time of need. The inspiration for this project were the elderly who were stuck at home during the time of Covid-19. The main objective of community aid is to bring communities closer by assisting each other.

Developed using JavaScript, JSX, Firebase React Native and Expo. Community Aid allows users to register and play the role of an aid seeker and a volunteer. Aid seekers can create an assistance request by filling out a form with details of their request such as area, request type and description. This request is displayed in multiple parts of the application such as a marker on the map display. Volunteers can pick up aid seekers requests and complete them.

The application allows users to manage requests. For example, aid seekers can edit or delete their submitted requests and volunteers are able to update the status and drop picked up requests. All request related data is stored using Firebase as the backend storage.

The application also includes a notification system which was created using Expo and Firebase, that keeps users up to date with any changes in relation to picked up or created requests.