This project was chosen in order to address an issue which I personally struggled with, which is choosing a college/university course. Course Critic a website is aimed at anyone who is preparing to enter third-level education and having difficulty finding a course that is suited to them. Rather than rely on the college/university to describe the course, these prospective students can visit the Course Critic website and look at the honest feedback from students who have experienced the course first-hand.

The reviews are broken down into several categories such as difficulty, inclusion, and career opportunities. Studies have shown that in Ireland, roughly 1 in every 4 college students will drop out of their course before completion. This can be largely attributed to a lack of available, objective information. The process of finding the right course can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and can involve having to use several sources of information.

Course Critic looks to ease the stress of this process and offer students a one-stop-shop for all they need to know about a course so they can make an informed decision without the stress. Several requirements elicitation techniques were utilised to gather feedback from the stakeholders of this project which are used to shape the contents and features of the website. The data that was collected from students was visualised through Talend to ensure it was as easily comprehensible as possible.