I am developing CyberVault a one stop ultimate security password storage and management web application which will help users safely secure all their online passwords in one place under optimum security without having to worry about exploitation or the credentials being stolen. The application includes additional security through multiple authentication factors and features for customer appeasement and satisfaction.

CyberVault will be focused on the non-technical populace with a serious concern for security and ease of management of all their important credentials. Nowadays web applications require a user to create a profile and register with a password before they can read or use the content of the web application. There is a burden on the user to remember the whole plethora of passwords they use, which is why user’s then turn to excel sheets or write them down on paper to remember them. These methods of saving passwords are highly insecure, since they are easily accessible and could impact on the customer’s personal security.

Some functionality and features of the application are; Password manager itself which will only be accessible after verification through multiple authentication factors including facial authentication and multi-factors utilising third party applications like Auth0. It will include proper and robust cryptographic (encryption/decryption) capabilities to securely manage and store all important credentials being managed, Password distinctor /uniqueness analyser utilising the “troy hunt's have I been pawned” database API to confirm whether a password being saved by the user has been compromised before. Password strength determiner/analyser to measure the complexity and strength of passwords being saved to ensure and assist the user with password security. Automatic complex password generator tailored for ease of use when a new password is required by the user according to their own preferences etc.