DocSafe is made for users that want to keep their data in a safe place. With IT rapidly growing and cloud computing getting more popular, it means there is more of a risk when it comes to your data. New technologies bring new vulnerabilities so DocSafe makes it easy to store your data in a secure place.   DocSafe is a cloud based application that you can trust. It helps you safely upload and store sensitive data that you want to keep others from seeing. You can access this application through your web browser.

DocSafe makes use of multi-factor authentication to ensure privacy of data. Users can access the web application from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can add, download or delete any type of data you might not want to store on your computer and it will be completely private to you! Each user will get their own generated ID that is unique to them to ensure no other users can see what you have added.

Communication between a device and database will be completely end-to-end encrypted. DocSafe is integrated with Google Firebase, a secure and trusted storage platform, so users can be assured that their data is safe.  There has been an array of tests performed on attacking DocSafe to ensure safety of user data.