The essential goal of this project is to allow users to access their various apps and websites by using the one app, meaning the user will only ever need to remember one password and one pin, rather than hundreds of different passwords for hundreds of different websites.

This project aims to make password management more secure and convenient for users. This password manager automatically manages and changes the users’ passwords on a 24-hour basis. The passwords are randomly generated 16-character passwords with all the usual parameter’s passwords are required to have.

The user only needs one password and a pin to access their password list. The manager also automatically inputs the users’ desired passwords into whatever app or website they are trying to access. With the pin and password, the password manager app also has two factor authentication to further secure the user’s account. The user can choose whether they would like certain passwords to be changed on a 24-hour basis or at time range of their choosing.

The feature of the app that automatically changes their passwords will stop malicious users from easily gaining access to the user’s specific accounts. For example, if a user’s password is leaked on a website, the manager will change that password within 24 hours, meaning malicious users have a limited amount of time to access it. Additionally, users can manage their passwords just like any other password manager on the market, the difference is, they will have the option to use the auto change feature.