Drive Web Consulting is a marketing social media and web optimisation platform created by the user, for the user. The primary objective and aim of Drive Web Consulting is to drive businesses, startups and entrepreneurs towards success through providing a solution to effective web marketing and social media optimisation at a reasonable budget. The secondary objective of Drive Web Consulting is to attract and encourage more people to start their own business or company through providing them with the correct tools and strategies to succeed.

Drive Web Consulting works through a primary consultation process where the users information, needs and goals will be taken into account, additionally the current status and analytics of websites as well as all social media platforms will be displayed. The consultation will then lead to the formulation of preconceived strategies and plan of action such as potential campaigns, AdSense, promotions, collaborations etc.

There will be four pricing plans available ranging from basic to complex which will cater to different needs as well as budgets, in the rare occasion that Drive Web Consulting fails to meet the goals and expectations of users there will be a 100% money back guarantee. Once the strategy and package is initiated the user will be able to monitor and track the status and key performance indicators of all their platforms every step of the way. Today there are a few platforms currently on the market which are able to aid users in marketing and optimisation such as google analytics, mailchimp and hootsuite, however they are not directly equivalent to Drive Web Consulting.

The market competitors currently available tend to solely focus on one marketing aspect such as social media in hootsuite’s case, however, with Drive Web Consulting all aspects of marketing and optimisation are present on one platform, and the bulk of the hard work is done by the platform as opposed to relying entirely on the user.