E-Learn Platform is a cloud-based web application that was developed to deliver learning content to anyone interested in the IT industry. The application offers a different range of materials where users are able to use them in order to achieve their learning goal.

Nowadays distance education has been increased as it gives the users the flexibility they need to learn and practice, as well as the learning time and desired remote location. These are some of the needs that are generated by the lifestyle of a lot of people and being able to manage those needs are number one priority of my project.

Remote education requires a lot of time when a student is trying to “find answers” related to an specific topic or module but this project has implemented a feature that will improve each student interaction and collaboration, an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot.

By interacting with the Chatbot, students are able to ask questions related to the topic they are currently learning from and also questions related to the account settings such as “changing passwords” and so on. This way, your journey with E-Learning prime will be easier, safer, a lot more enjoyable and of course, more productive than ever!