In today's society, consumers are more likely to shop online rather than physically visit a store. Some members of the country's leadership advise citizens not to venture outside and to keep their critical activities online while at home. As a result, internet buying is becoming more appealing, and the online market is becoming larger than ever.

To help small business to achieve more sales, I developed the eCamell, a simple and easy to use and maintain eCommerce platform, where business can sell their products online and reach a bigger audience. The eCamell is an eCommerce platform for small and medium businesses. It consists of an easy and simple to use admin panel for the business owners to manage the commerce and a visual appealing and attractive storefront to the final users.

The application was developed as a headless commerce, with microservices architecture in the backend. This architecture provide a more customizable application, easy to maintain and in a business perspective, business owners can use only our storefront or our backend services, making the final application much more flexible.