The project is developed to analyse whether there are any correlations between stock datasets, fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and based on the observations and trends, shows whether there is an impact on the changes of CO2 emissions and fossil fuel in the electric vehicle industry.

The project uses stock datasets for Tesla, BMW, Crude oil extracted from Yahoo Finance and other datasets such as Carbon Emissions and Fossil Fuel Consumption taken from Our World in Data.  The models used in the development of this project are time series analysis called ARIMA and LSTM, which are used to forecast observations or series of particular time periods.

The project finds out, how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fossil fuels and rising demand for electric cars can have an impact on the value of the automotive industry.  The objective of the project is to show and compare the data obtained and to compare it with other periods, in order to graph the changes in the growth of electric cars, based on the results of the trend analysis.