Emanate is a radio communication network for hikers and people on similar expeditions.  A lot of rural areas lack a mobile connection, walkie talkies can be expensive in a large group, and Wi-Fi is often non-existent.

Emanate aims to solve this problem by monitoring people through passive wearing an IOT device over long distances. This could be used to combat emergency situations where the hikers cannot contact the rest of the group when in danger.

The hardware uses a system of one 'master radio', and scalable 'nodes'. Hikers attach the nodes on to themselves while it monitors their surroundings, sending packets of sensor data to the master radio. This master radio gets the sensor data and writes it to Firebase.

With the Emanate Android application, sensor data is pulled from the Firebase database and is displayed to the user.  Any concerning metrics found will alert the user who has access the Android application.  The project is largely a prototype, it is not fit for real use in the outside environment.

The hardware is not waterproof, and is limited in mobility. Although possible with battery banks for the nodes, Emanate is best demonstrated in an inside environment.