Fantasy futsal is a web application that targets football fanatics from anywhere in the world. The app is focused on the premier league and the players that play week in week out in the greatest league in the world. Users will be able to pick a new team of 5 players every game week.

Users will be given a transfer and salary budget. Players accumulate/lose points based on their performance. The aim is for the user to accumulate the highest points possible. Players values will be predicted using a machine learning model. RapidAPI sports API is used to parse latest data from 2021/2022 premier league season.

The training data is gathered from CSV files on for the top five European leagues. Users will be automatically entered into public leagues when they sign up and submit their team. They will also have the option to create a private league with friends or work colleagues for bragging rights on their football knowledge.

The goal of the application is to provide a fun and a better platform than what is available already for football fans to compete with each other and find out who has the greatest football knowledge.