Food Rescue can help with saving the environment by trying to minimise food waste. Food waste has a huge factor on our environment with over 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted each year. This food waste contributes to around 10% of total emissions produced and leads to economic losses of €550 billion.

Food Rescue is an app that assists restaurants /café/ food retailers with managing food waste and assists customers with sourcing food products which might be discarded, at a lower price. Businesses can register on the app and upload products for sale. Product price can be adjusted over time automatically and reduced if excess product is available. Customers can register, view available product in restaurants /café/ food retailers in their area. Users can compare the full restaurant price with the Food Rescue Price.

The audience is anyone who cares about our planet and about saving money. The standard user of the app however may be people who work in built up areas such as Dublin city where employees are buying lunch regularly.