This project's basic aim is to encourage more people to recycle. With more and more plastic being produced each year, it is undeniable that there is a growing urgency for people to recycle and reduce their waste.  In an attempt to combat the issue of growing waste and to encourage recycling this project uses gamification with a reward system to encourage better recycling. 

The idea for this project came from Brave, a browser that encourages people to view advertisement and in return, the viewer is paid in tokens which have monetary value. The same principle is implemented in this project where a camera positioned on a recycling bin, scans the items to be recycled.

Each item is classified by an AI and depending on the findings, the user is rewarded with coupons. A Hyperledger fabric is used to store transactions between the user and the camera.

Tensor Flow is used to classify the images captured by the camera (ESP-32).