This project involves in documenting the requirements needed for the creation of my application GetAway&Golf.  This application allows Irish golfers book tee times, snacks, and transportation all within one app.

The goal of this project is to help golfers and golf clubs interact with one another to allow the golfer explore their options and allow the golf clubs to market their deals.  Golfers around the world have missed out on a lot of time throughout covid and some would have left their clubs due to them being closed for periods of time, and this application aims to help golfers searching for good deals.

Many golf clubs were forced to close across the U.K and Ireland due to lack of funding throughout covid and with this application it will help clubs in need as they can try get more money in by hosting open days and posting them on our application.  As a keen golfer myself, I thought this application will help more golfers explore the options outside of their local clubs, and will allow clubs offer deals as an incentive to do just that. We have also added other features such as pre booking food and transportation to make the experience as best as we can.

Through the use of requirements gathering techniques such as: SWOT Analysis, Brainstorming, Interviews, Surveys, Prototyping, and Requirements Workshop, I was able to build the documentation needed for the development of this application.  I met with various stakeholders throughout conducting these techniques and my project is based on what i learned from them, such as: Features, Colour Schemes, Design, etc.