GFree is an Android Application that is designed with celiac disease sufferers in mind. Celiacs disease is an immune reaction to consuming gluten which is a protein often found in all types of food containing wheat, barley or rye.


GFree requires that users be registered and logged in to access some functionality offered by the application like the reviews functionality.


GFree offers users the ability to scan packets of food using a mobile phone camera, using Googles Machine Learning Kit(MLK). Once scanned, GFree will then convert the image using Google ML into usable data, which can then be passed into a natural language processor, developed to flag ingredients and highlight them based on what is detected.


Using Java, the packet scanner displays results following a traffic light system. Dangerous food ingredients will be displayed as red, unknown/potentially dangerous ingredients will be displayed in amber and safe ingredients will be listed in green.


GFree allows users to create restaurant reviews and rate them, based on how well a restaurant caters for celiacs. A users published review is then linked to their account.


The users data such as account information and reviews are stored in and retrievable from a Firebase database.


Git Bash was used for version control.