My application centres around tackling the problems associated with hair care and hair styling for individuals of African descent, living in Ireland and who are interested in caring for their hair.  There are many objectives / goals set out for the end user in this particular application.

The application has specific features like a log in feature, hair questionnaire, hair style recommender, hair care recommender and a hair care calendar.  Each feature has its own goal attached to it that will benefit the end user as follows:

Log in feature - enables the users information to be safely stored, retained, and easily accessible.

Hair questionnaire - A questionnaire to get the users hair information to recommend hair care products & methodologies.

Hair care recommender - (goes hand in hand with the questionnaire) to emit the results such as hair care methodologies & products based on the users answers to the hair questionnaire, also to recommend hair salons & hair dressers in Ireland.

Hair style recommender - This will use the user’s pictures to recommend hair styles that best suits them.

Hair calendar - for the user to schedule wash days, reminders etc and to document their hair care journey.