This project focuses on the topic of Image Steganography and how it can be implemented in the use of secret message concealment and sending. Implementing a steganographic algorithm along with an additional level of encryption, a secret text message can be encoded into an image taking the place of unused pixels without being discernible to the human eye.

The target audience for a service like this is an everyday end user with low to medium technical ability who is looking for an alternative method, undetectable to the human eye, to publicly send messages between users online through social media, email, etc or to store confidential information on their system without arousing suspicion upon intrusive viewing.

This service is accessible and usable by any end user all with varying technical ability and know how. This is achieved through a simple, intuitive user interface with minimal buttons, labels, and any unnecessary on screen clutter as to avoid any confusion. By taking this simplistic approach it ensures an ease of use when trying to get full functionality out of the service.