The objective of this project is to develop an application that allow people from outside Ireland to find work.  Ireland is a country with a very highly qualified workforce especially in the IT, business, education, marketing industries, but I think it may be a problem for the employer to find a less qualified employee, especially if for example the employee is needed for a short period or for seasonal work.

Problems for Irish employers exist in industries such as agriculture, retail, hospitality or manufacturing.  For potential employees, professional job search websites can be a language barrier.

My project is aimed at Irish employers who are in urgent need of workers and potential employees living outside Ireland.  This application is also directed to employees from Europe, who are often specialists in very important areas of everyday life, and with basic knowledge of English and are interested in roles where higher education is not needed.

This application allows the user (potential employee) to create an account in any European language.  After creating account, the user will be asked for further information such as: what job are they looking: seasonal, temporary or permanent, whether they have a driving license or a visa from their country required, will a translator be needed for this person upon arrival.  Employers will be able to view the employees accounts which will be translated into English.