This project is an analysation of the data provided by the WHO regarding Life Expectancy around the world. The dataset provided by the WHO will be used to analyse in R and SPSS to study trends and patterns of each specify category available (i.e., Age, Country, Sex).

The outcome produces figures, numbers, graphs, and more for access by others such as scientist or health researcher if they so choose. Currently the dataset is filled with survey from almost every country in the world from the years 2000 to 2015 showing life expectancy in each country along with many other relevant data such as alcohol consumption, disease, population and more.

A second dataset was merged with the first and contained information that would give more meaning to the first. This includes but is not limited to suicide rates, road accidents, and pollution.

The result is statistical data and graph of the information provided in the dataset in detail along with their analyses and an algorithm to predict future numbers.