The target audience for this project is anyone with an interest in topics such as health, geography and sociology. The topic of the project is life expectancy and aims to tackle the question "What is it that affects life expectancy and how does life expectancy vary around the world?"

To answer these questions, data sets from around the world are analysed and structured to create unique insights and observations on life expectancy. This information is compiled and gathered in an accessible and structured fashion so it can be easily understood.

The project was created mainly using the language R and the program R Studio. Using excel for the data sets, R shiny will be used to display the findings.

This project followed the KDD methodology and incorporated data mining techniques. Using visualisation tools, findings and trends will be displayed in a clear and accessible way.

The audience of my project will have enough information and data to gauge their own life expectancy. Project outcomes are compared to those of actuarial models.