Moodle is an open-source learning platform that's designed to help educators, administrators and learners. It is a secure and robust integrated system that can be downloaded and deployed on a web server.

The purpose of My Student Helper is to create a plugin for the Moodle platform that will provide students with extra functionality. In the group project section students working on team projects can vote on completion of tasks before the project is fully submitted.

The students will then receive a receipt of completion via email, stating that the work is completed thus showing a third party that each team member has completed their tasks assigned.

PHP is used for general functionality and for creating the submission and voting on completion system for My Student Helper. The programming is created using the Atom IDE and various plugins such as the PHP console for commands to update new changes and PHP debug will be used to detect errors in the PHP code. XAMPP is used for its Apache HTTP server to host Moodle. Maria DB is used as a database to store the information. MySQL is used to communicate queries to the MariaDB database.