My Wish is an Android application that is dedicated to safeguard your memories and wishes, and making them accessible by your loved ones when you pass away.

The target audience is anyone who is aware that the unexpected can happen in any moment, and leaving a last word or note can ease the grief of the loved ones. How it works: Check-in As a user you will avail of the check-in service which is prompted on a daily basis to check on you. The check-in works similar to an alarm clock with the purpose to check on your status, the check in will require your biometrics or a PIN. If user fails to check-in for several times then another person designated by you will receive a message to confirm your current status.

Adding wishes Immortalise what you have always wanted to say to your loved ones, under the form of a voice record, text or video. You can pick any of the named formats and add the beneficiary to your wish.

Transmitting your wishes Upon several failures of check-in confirmation your designated beneficiaries will receive your wishes or last words you always wanted to tell them. These wishes will be transmitted accordingly to your chosen format. It wish is text then beneficiary will receive your wish through SMS, if the format is video then a link will be generated and forwarded to the beneficiary in order to access to video.