Nature’s Fury is a game based on the popular game Pokémon. I am using the combat aspect of the game to build a battle simulator. The game will consist of 3 playable characters vs 3 AI and the goal is to successfully choose the correct moves to win the battle, an advanced version of rock, paper, scissors.

Nature’s Fury is built using the Unity game engine. I have very limited knowledge of the Unity game engine so this project is a massive learning exercise. The difference between Nature’s Fury and the already existing Pokémon is that Nature’s Fury is constantly 3v3 and will try to avoid RNG (Random Number Generator).

One of the biggest complaints about the Pokémon games is the RNG, everything is in your favour but then a random stat kicks in during the game and allows the enemy to win. The difference between Pokémon and Nature’s Fury is character abilities will be set and will have cooldowns. This allows the player to know the exact limitations of what their opponent can achieve and allows the player to play around this, similar to a game of chess.