NowDrive is an android mobile application targeted towards new and learner drivers.  The application suggests safer routes for users when driving from point A to point B.  The primary reason why this would be useful for a new or learner driver is that by driving on the safest routes possible it will help them avoid accident prone areas and build their confidence when driving. 

NowDrive helps users to remain accident free and may result in lower insurance premiums as they will need to be accident free for the first 5 years to get lower insurance premium rates.  The mobile app takes historical and current information into account while calculating the route for example, historical information can be accident history on a particular road and current information could be traffic congestion. 

NowDrive would suggest routes to avoid accident prone or heavily congested roads.  Additional features include: Login/Registration, Saved Routes, Multiple Route Suggestions, Filters for routes such as avoiding the motorway.