One Stop is a mobile application which aims to connect all transport services to make commuters lives much more convenient.  This project involved gathering the functional and non-functional requirements for the app and analysing them to gain a greater understanding of what is required for this app. 

This app will join the real time information (RTI) apps of transport systems such as Dublin Bus, LUAS, and Dart. Additionally, it will contain other features such as checking the availability of city bikes and checking the weather.  The reason behind this applications development is that the current apps for transport are all separate to one another and lack key quality of life features. 

If a commuter needs to use both Dublin Bus and the LUAS to reach their destination, they must use two separate applications to plan out their journey.  This app aims to make this planning process far more convenient to users by allowing them to plan their entire journey in one app.  One Stop plans to further enhance the planning process by allowing users to check the weather. 

Weather can have a large impact on delays within transport systems so allowing users to check the weather and see how it may affect their mode of transport would be extremely beneficial.