SafeRoute is an Android application that was created to address a serious issue in society faced by not just woman walking home alone but also anyone feeling vulnerable.  The app user is provided with an application that will plot a route to maximise visibility if worried or scared walking alone.

The implementation of google maps within the application will use Google's traffic layer API for maps to determine which roads are busier and thus increasing visibility of the user.  The application will also send the user on a route which features Garda Traffic cameras, the locations of which are publicly available.

Garda Traffic cameras are plotted within the user’s map.  When the user first uses the application, they may be prompted for permission to use their camera and microphone.  When on a route the app will record audio and video with permission of the user.  The aim of this is so that if any crime is committed then there may be a greater chance of apprehending the suspect.

The main issue this app tackles is to deter potential attacks among people feeling vulnerable walking alone at night or in an unfamiliar setting to which they may not be accustomed to. It should not be necessary for an application like this to exist but unfortunately as we have seen in recent times it could be a vital help in some situations.