The target audience for this project is anyone who codes and in particular is learning to code.

Programming journals can be of great benefit to new programmers, as it allows for a sense of progression while also keeping a track of errors encountered, which overall can be of great benefit to a programmers motivation.

Developed a web application using React on the front-end through modern JavaScript (ES6) & Firebase on the back-end, along with additional technologies such as AlanAI that acts both as an online programming journal, combined with a chat functionality and resource section.

A programming journal is not a new concept, however there is no specific application that targets this concept. This application takes the concept of a programming journal and digitalises it, while adding additional functionality: Programming Journal: Allows users to create journal entries relating to issues they have encountered while coding. The system will then perform an analysis on to provide a solution. CRUD functionality was achieved through Firebase. Resource Section: Allows users to gain access to useful technical material, obtained through Googles' Book API.

Notes Section: Allows users to create and edit notes through a notepad. CRUD functionality achieved through Firebase, front end built with React Quill.

Chat: Allows users to create chat rooms and send messages. Voice Assistant: In-built voice assistant provides a rich user experience. This was built using AlanAI.