Sole Seeker is a community based web application developed for the growing popularity of designer sneaker enthusiasts. This project was created as a hub for enthusiasts to connect. The target audience is 12-35 year olds.

The website consists of multiple features including a secure login/registration system that is backed up by a MongoDB database and Python sessions.

The database holds a user's email, password and a unique ID that is created upon registration. All passwords sent to the database are encrypted using the Python package Passlib.

The homepage designed using bootstrap, displays important information for the user, along with a promotional video.

Other functions include a Map API function for users to compete for sponsored prizes, a forum page that allows users to share their opinions and Sneaker searcher to help users find their perfect pair of sneakers utilising an online web API.

For commercial viability the website includes a donation link powered by a PayPal API, Google AdSense and sponsorships.