TenPM is a property management platform for landlords and tenants.  The idea for this project came from my personal experience with landlords as a tenant.

I found that there was a strong reliance on informal modes of communication, more specifically WhatsApp.  For me this felt mildly inappropriate for a landlord and tenant relationship which is traditionally a formal relationship. In addition to this, some landlords opt to rely on property management companies which are an intermediary between the tenant and landlord.

This is expensive and not financially feasible for a lot of landlords.  This led me to create a native IOS application, that allows landlords to manage their properties and tenants.  It does this by allowing landlords to have a portfolio of properties, invite tenants to the app and assign registered tenants to the property they live in. 

This is more appropriate than names in a phonebook or WhatsApp messages.  Landlords can communicate directly with tenants, manage all the propertied they have, create inspection requests (to ensure property standards is being kept as agreed upon) and view leases.  Tenants can communicate with landlords, receive notifications for inspections and request maintenance (in the event of a leak etc).

The TenPM application uses the following features to achieve this: User profile creation with CRUD functionality, Image upload with CRUD (mainly used for profile picture and uploading property images), Message/Chat API integration, File manager API integration, Calendar API, Notifications with Calendar API integration (mainly to alert users of main).