The Ace Manager is a password manager that uses Electron.js framework with Node.js to implement different packages together, creating a system that will organise and store the passwords for users and also create a standard password for them.

The audience for this project are people who use computer sites regularly and need to find their password for particular sites. This application creates a streamline version of a password manager that will be quick and easy to use. It will address the on-going problems that other password managers have such as being outdated, lack of multi-factor authentication and have been previously hacked.

The framework Electron.js uses HTML and CSS to produce a website within the application. Incorporating JavaScript increases functionality of the application, allowing a Log In system, password generator/update and password storage in a MongoDB Database.

The user can log in via multi-factor authentication, which includes a username, password, Two-Step Verification (Mobile) and a token which is generated by the application. As the user moves through the application the token maintains their verification status while using the application and helps prevent theft of data.