The aim of this project was to analyse how the Covid 19 pandemic impacted the finances of football clubs in what are generally considered the 5 top leagues of European football. I wanted to look at how matchday revenues, sponsorships and TV deals were affected and how this would affect the transfer fees paid to players and how clubs will negotiate new contracts for players.

During Covid there was a narrative circulating that clubs would be massively affected by Covid, primarily due to the loss of fans in the stadiums and all the other revenues that come from fans being in the stadium.

Another narrative that was put about was that the days of massive transfer fees and wages for football players were over as clubs will no longer be able to afford these large transfer fees. I wanted to see if this was the case and then to see if there was a difference in how badly different leagues were affected by the pandemic as there is an opinion that the English Premier League is a different beast financially compared to other leagues and deemed "too big to fail".

Using python to scrape data and clean the data from and Transferred the data to excel and visualized the data using Python and Tableau.