TV Tracker is a social media platform built to help you keep track of information and socialize around your favourite TV shows!  TV Tracker is a web application where users can track the shows that they've watched, along with all the details that go along with it such as when they watched it, how they rated it, what they thought about it and more.

This information is visible on each user's profile along with interesting visualizations.  There are pages for each show which include information such as the description, average site-wide rating and reviews from other users.  Each show has a forum section where users can discuss the show with each other. 

There is also a main forum for general discussion. TV Tracker is aimed at teens and older. I believe that having the ability to keep track of the shows you watched is very beneficial for people by helping them remember that in the long-term, By combining this feature with the ability to socialize and share that information, as well as view information on the shows when desired, an even wider number of people will find value in this site.