This project's aim is to build a messaging app using Block Chain Technology. As the demand for private instant communication fuelled the rise of popular encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, there is ever more emphasis on data protection.

This project's target audience is people who value their own data as it addresses the issue of big tech companies owning, selling and leaking personal data.

In 2021 Facebook leaked 544 million accounts and over 2.5 million emails and phone numbers were stolen. This messaging app uses blockchain technology to secure communications using open-source Ethereum blockchain.

The idea is to use a series of blocks of data connected together in which each block consists of a transaction. Where each block is connected to all the blocks before and after it, makes the application hard to tamper with. Cryptography (public and private keys) is used to secure the records in a blockchain.

The users have their own private keys that are assigned to the transactions they make and act as a personal digital signature. If a record/transaction is altered, the signature will become invalid and the peer network will know right away that issues have occurred.

Sending public keys over the blockchain would exclude the need for a central server which in turn protects from Man in the Middle attacks that End-To-End encryption have.