Real Core is an auditing application that allows clients to send their recent bank balances, transactions and bank details to an auditor in a quick process. I was inspired to create this project after seeing the lack of programmes created by auditors to be used by auditors to connect with their clients.

My target audience that I hope to reach with this product is auditors and clients who are looking for an automated way to share and receive banking information. Using elicitation techniques that I have acquired from the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge, I have created a project management plan for a development of an application to assist auditors.

The auditors will be able to view a client’s bank account, see BIC, IBAN, recent transactions and bank balance. Permissions will be granted by working with the banks selected and adapting their firewall security processes and securing appropriate permissions from them.

The client will be able to give permission by signing up and then accepting requests that are sent to them by their auditor. This application will eliminate the need for phone calls and approval from clients. The process is 2 steps once the client is signed up and ready to go, the auditor will request to see their bank account details and the client will be able to log on to the platform and accept it this will send a PDF file to the auditor with the clients details for review.