T – Exchange is a full stack web application that tackles the issue of ticket swapping and how it can be done safely allowing both sides to benefit from the swap.

This Application is designed to benefit both the users trying to sell and purchase the tickets at face value.  The main feature of the application is that users will be able to sell and purchase tickets through the application.  The application will also update the details of the newly purchased ticket to include the details of the user who purchased them.

This can prevent users from being refused entry to particular events due to their details not matching that of original details on the purchased ticket. Security is a fundamental requirement for T-Exchange. It is critical to ensure user confidentiality and to comply with the GDPR legislation.

User information is encrypted and stored in the application. The user interface will be designed and developed using JavaScript and React. Using react will allow me to implement certain features such as ensuring face value price and increase performance that certain other frameworks do not allow.