The project gives developers the ability to replace the manual task of gathering and assembling documentation with an automated system which builds and deploys a production grade document with the latest code changes.  

Writing code changes and functionality documents takes as much time as writing the code, if not longer. This takes precious software development time from the developer and building an automated system which takes care of documenting the code with the latest changes and functionalities will increase developer productivity and customer happiness. 

The system for automating code documentation process is gathering different source documents from different stages of software development life cycle and assemble them into a ready to deploy web application.  

The back-end system is built on NodeJS lives within and automated development tool called Concourse Pipelines and is activated by any commit to the development branch which is gathering and transforming all the pieces into ready-to-publish documentation. 

The front-end technology is built in Angular framework which is scanning for any main branch repository changes and publish the latest version of the documents. The front-end is deployed on Heroku cloud and makes the new documents available to customers within minutes of detecting any new version.