Vault Knox Password Manager is intended for all users of online and offline services that own multiple user profiles to log in to different profile based applications. User experience and ease of use were prioritized to accommodate the broad target audience.

With the incline of processing power, it has become much easier and faster for hackers to crack passwords located on the internet. For this reason, it is important that users have a unique password for each of their user accounts that utilise strong password protocols.

However, it is impossible to remember a unique password for each service. This is where the value of a password manager lies. Vault Knox Password Manager utilizes a decentralized, encrypted offline database to maintain stored passwords and has a built-in strong password generator that employs an algorithm to automatically generate random passwords that are designed with numerous OWASP strategies to maximise protection against password cracking, as well as, user-supplied parameters.

It is of utmost importance to maintain and keep your passwords up-to-date. To facilitate this functionality, a user is also advised when a password should be updated after a scheduled amount of time has transpired. The program will terminate after detecting that a certain amount of inactivity has transpired configured by the user.

Users can recover their password vault using a recovery key if their master password is unknown. The recovery key allows a user to reset their master password to access their individual password vault. Users can request quality feedback reports on passwords stored in their password vault, that compare and analyze strong password guidelines as well as inform the user if any currently stored passwords have been compromised.